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Best Digital Programmatic Advertising and Marketing Services | ZuuKeeper

How programmatic advertising works

There is a reason why so many brands are going programmatic



High IQ Marketing

Reach your target audience for a fraction of the price of traditional marketing.

Brand Security & Ad Verification

Take comfort in knowing that your brand is safe and secure, and that your ad is being seen by actual people.

Full-Service & Results Driven

Why hire a marketing agency when we can produce and deliver for less money? We are a one-stop shop for all of your programmatic needs.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard

Inspect what you expect! Full attribution reporting from the first impression down to conversion.

What ZuuKeeper Does for Your Business

We are your one-stop shop for
all things programmatic.

Programmatic Advertising Agency

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We create to engage! Consider ZuuKeeper your programmatic campaign architects.

ZuuKeeper will:

Analyze your brand

Determine your ideal audience

Nail down your marketing objectives

Design and build your programmatic ads


We launch and optimize! Once your campaign architecture is approved, ZuuKeeper launches and delivers your ads:

Across multiple channels and devices

Protects from malicious fraud

Continuous measurement and validation

Optimizes in real-time


Easy to Read Custom Dashboard

Programmatic Advertising Dashboard
Programmatic Advertising Dashboard

A unique real-time tool to track your digital advertising campaign

Our client dashboard makes it easy to track and view all your campaign data in a single place. With clean visuals and simple navigation, this dashboard combines data from all your campaigns to provide a complete picture of your monthly performance, so you can better optimize your marketing campaigns and track details such as:

Conversion type

Device type

Interaction level

Conversion dates and times

Conversion IP address

Conversion referral pages … and more

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“Wow doesn’t cover it! We’ve worked with these pros (now Zuukeeper) since 2017. There is zero doubt that ZuuKeeper has been the most influential and cost-effective form of digital marketing we’ve used (nothing comes close). Outside of being terrific people, they have really helped grow our business.”

Amanda Martin

CEO, Lindsey's Furniture

Check Out a Few of the Industries We Work In

Any industry could benefit from programmatic advertising. Don’t see your industry below? No worries as ZuuKeeper specializes in building programmatic campaigns that engage and convert with any business.

Empowered Brands

We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes drive powerful programmatic ad campaigns that lead to conversions.  Our passion is serving (not selling) our clients. Growing our client’s businesses and in the most cost-effective way possible is how we measure success.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Thought You'd Never Ask

  • What does ZuuKeeper do for my business?

    Simply put, we’re a full-service programmatic advertising company built for results. ZuuKeeper consults, creates, and places your digital ad or brand message in front of more high-value prospects for far less money than any of our competitors can. And most importantly, we have the attribution and reporting to back it up. Think of ZuuKeeper as your one-stop-shop for programmatic architecture and optimization. We do it all!

  • So, display or video first?

    Most of the time, our answer is yes, start with display because we can reach far more people per dollar (while still ensuring highly targeted impressions) than any other medium. A targeted audience’s reach and frequency of impressions are critical components. There isn’t enough foundation to build a successful campaign without those two things.

    Display provides the most impressions per dollar spent, allowing you to reach far more people, far more frequently. Once we’ve covered the display, we’ll look into adding video and other mediums. Especially since multi-screen advertising leads to rich-media engagement. But first and foremost, we must get your brand message in front of the right people, at the right times, and as frequently as possible.

  • What type of client can ZuuKeeper most effectively help?

    Any company (Brand, B2B, eCommerce, etc.) with a compelling product, service, or message that wants to identify, find, and engage a specific target audience or demographic in the most efficient way possible would be our ideal client. Our specialty is getting your brand or message in front of customers with high conversion potential.

    It performs much better, like all advertising, with more rounded and diverse marketing campaigns. For example, we always recommend running a Search/PPC campaign with any type of advertising, especially programmatic, because your audience is being branded like never before, and if they don’t click the banner or video ad, they will do a search for you when they are ready, and you must be present at that time.

  • When can I expect to see results?

    Within a few days of launch, our clients will see immediate key performance indicators (KPIs) such as increased online traffic, new users, leading conversions, and so on. Within the first 30 days, campaigns typically see an increase in ROAS, ROI, Cost-Per-Click, and Cost-Per-Conversion. However, depending on the vertical and sales funnel setup, it can take up to 90 days or more to see quantifiable results and the full capability and power of our advertising efforts.

    We strongly encourage our clients to stay committed to their campaigns for at least the first three months, in order to achieve proven and sustainable results. The longer you stick with it, the stronger your brand will become. As a result, you are creating your own economy. Other clients or business items, such as their website structure or sales funnel, as well as other types of marketing, can all play an important role in your overall success.

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